Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's in My Bag

I have an unhealthy obsession with handbags.  So, since I just bought a new one and was switching out of an old one, I wanted to share what I tend to pack with me on a daily basis.

I would like to preface this by saying that I do keep my bag this neat.  I clean it out either before I go to bed or before I leave the house the next day.  I HATE a messy handbag.

I recently purchased this Kate Spade bag from my favorite thrift store for $45.  I don't usually go for handheld bags as I love a good shoulder bag, but I couldn't resist this color.

This is the contents of my bag.  It looks like a lot, but I could fit so much more in this bag.  I love hot pink so most of my accessories tend to have some variation of it in my bag.  My little note pad is from Michael's and comes with a pen that actually works.  I also carry gum and mints.  My favorite gum is Orbit Cinnamint and RPM 5 in the green package.  Altoids Smalls Cinnamon are in the little tin. 

I don't go anywhere without my Kindle Fire.  I have two, and I refuse to give up my old one. When one goes dead, I have the other as a back-up.  I'm still on the look out for a hot pink case for this one.  My old one has a hot pink cover.

I don't wear make-up so to speak.  My routine consists of lipstick and mascara. I wear eyeshadow if I feel like fitting it in.  My make-up bag is from ipsy which is a subscription box.  In it I keep Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet, Milani lipstick in Sangria, Kate Moss for Rimmel London in #60, Nivea creme, Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer in Gemini, Travalo filled with Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom, and two lip balms.  The Burt's Bees is for me, and the Cocoa Butter is for my youngest son.

As you can see, I don't carry a wallet.  They take up too much room, and I don't need it.  My card ase is a hot pink Coach that I bought from the outlet.  I want another one without the wrist strap.  I don't have any credit cards so I just need it for my license, debit card, and insurance cards.  Next to it is a patterned J. Crew case where I keep store cards and gift cards.  I bought it from my favorite thrift store for .99.  The pink case is for my camera. I don't go anywhere without it as I'm not a big fan of the cameras on cell phones.  I shoot my pictures with a Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 megapixel.  I want an SLR, but it's just not in the budget. 
On the bottom row is a Dooney & Bourke coin purse. I really want a Louis Vuitton Cles, but again, not in the budget.  This one does the job just fine, and I only paid $1 for it.  Next to it is my iPhone 5c in the coral color and my brush/mirror combo from Target.

I bought this little sock coin purse to house my earbuds.  I have an old set of iPhone buds as I gave the new set to my son.  The new shape is uncomfortable in my small ears.  However, the black and pink Skull Candy are the ones I use daily.  Great sound, and I want a matching set of headphones.
I wear a different pair of sunglasses almost everyday.  I have over 30 pair so I just choose a pair to fit my mood.  These are Escada that I bought from a resale shop when I lived in Houston, TX that I'm using today.  I own every thing from Chanel to $5 Naturalizer.  I didn't know that they made sunglasses, did you?


Here is how everything fits in my bag.  I don't always carry my Kindle, but it fits in nicely.  The animal print key chain is from Glitzy Glam, and the other side has my initial on it in hot pink.  My sunglass case fits right on top.
I hope that you enjoyed my post, and I want to know, what do you keep in your bag?